Do you experience Carpal Tunnel Syndrome?

Carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS) is a relatively common condition resulting from pressure on the median nerve and is three times more likely to develop in women than in men.

The median nerve runs from the wrist into the palm of the hand via the carpal tunnel and controls sensations and some hand movements. Most CTS symptoms occur in the hands and fingers and commonly include:

  • Feeling sensations – including numbness, tingling, burning and itching in the palm, hand or fingers
  • Decreased grip strength – making it difficult to grasp objects or form a fist
  • Swollen fingers – fingers feel swollen even when no physical swelling is apparent

Because the carpal tunnel is a narrow and rigid passageway, swelling can pinch the nerve and result in pain and associated CTS symptoms. We attempt to address these symptoms by providing gentle and measured treatments to the neck where the median nerve originates. If you would like more details on CTS relief and treatment, contact us today for an appointment.

carpal tunnel syndrome

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