Do you suffer from neck pain?

A healthy functioning neck is important to your wellbeing. The effects of neck pain on your day to day health can be debilitating. Common symptoms can include:

  • Physical discomfort  – including headaches and pain at the back of the head
  • Reduced mobility – caused by strain, tension and stiffness in the neck
  • Secondary effects – such as restless sleep, poor concentration and increased irritability

Neck pain is very common and is a sign the joints, muscles, tendons and bones within the neck may be misaligned, strained or injured. These changes in the neck can be created through a range of factors including injury and trauma, prolonged poor posture and even worry and stress.

If you’re seeking relief from pain we aim to you provide you with a safe, gentle and targeted Chiropractic treatment to attempt to increase your neck vertebrae mobility, reduce pain and allow your neck to return to functioning normally. Contact one of our friendly staff today to book an appointment.

neck pain

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