You first visit to the Myotherapist is an important one, as it’s your Myotherapist’s opportunity to gain a full understanding of your current health and provide an accurate diagnosis. These essential first steps will begin the process of guiding you toward better health.

What To Expect From Your Initial Consultation:

Your Myotherapist will perform a thorough assessment of your condition along with recording all relevant medical history. Your muscle activity will be assessed by examining range of movement, strength, posture, flexibility and palpation.  These and other physical tests help to identify the most likely cause of your pain or injury. This assessment identifies specific muscle groups and surrounding soft tissues may be causing your symptoms. From here our myotherapists formulate a treatment plan according to your findings.
Depending on your pain or injury, a number of different techniques and treatment modalities may be utilised. Treatment is then applied to start your recovery process. At the end of your consultation, corrective exercises may be prescribed so that you can assist with ensuring fast and effective results.