You first visit to our clinic is an important one as it’s your Naturopath’s opportunity to gain a full understanding of your current health levels. It provides the opportunity to provide an accurate diagnosis of your condition. The initial consultation will be highly structured and comprehensive. It generally takes about one hour, during which time we will assess your health status and establish realistic health goals.

Your naturopath will assess entire health history, including current concerns and conditions, past medical history, diet analysis, lifestyle and a full body systems check. The naturopath will also perform clinical examinations including iridology, tongue analysis, blood pressure, weight and body composition, zinc tally testing and RBTI testing (

To gain a clear picture of how your individual body systems are performing, your Naturopath (if clinically required) may refer you for functional pathology testing such as food sensitivity testing, complete digestive stool analysis, amino acid profile, salivary hormones or liver detoxification profile.

Upon completing this comprehensive assessment, a targeted treatment plan will be established, not only the treating the symptoms but also correcting the root cause of your health problem. Treatments may include a dietary and lifestyle proposal, a supplementation regime and other advice relevant to your condition.

After the initial consultation, it’s important to maintain follow up appointments to support your treatment.  Your naturopath will assess your progress, refine the treatment plan and address any other issues you may have, in order to reach your wellness goals. Follow up consultations will not be as intensive as your initial appointment and should only take approximately 30 minutes to complete.