You first visit to our clinic is an important one as it’s your Podiatrist’s opportunity to gain a full understanding of your foot condition and provide an accurate diagnosis and treatment plan.

The initial consultation will consist of a thorough examination to determine your specific foot condition and acknowledge any previous injuries or foot related health concerns, past or present. A thorough examination will focus on skin, nail and a biomechanical assessment. This is done through gait analysis, foot and ankle range of motion, muscle testing of the lower extremity and finally assessing the structure, alignment and function of the foot.

For patients suffering from chronic diseases such as arthritis and diabetes the initial consultation will also involve a Doppler blood flow test and neurological testing.

Upon completing this comprehensive assessment, your Podiatrist will explain how the structure of your foot may be affecting your daily activities and offer appropriate advice and treatment options. Footwear advice and recommendations will also be given so please bring with your shoes, runners or training shoes/boots. Your podiatrist will also design relevant exercises, maintenance or orthotic programs to prevent any further issues in your lower limbs, with the priority always being to keep your feet in optimal condition to keep you on the move.